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Here's How You Can Get The Perfect Smokey Eye look Like Parineeti Chopra !


Parineeti Chopra is really topping the charts with her really sexy looks and the fit body. No doubts she's slaying every look every now and then.

During a photo shoot in Egypt Parineeti Chopra was seen with a really sexy and perfect smokey eye look that am sure we all crave for. Her makeup was done by Elton Fernandez , and he nailed it like nobody's business!  I've always craved for this kind of smokey eye look and every woman out there can slay it totally.

Here's how you can use some really affordable products and get the same look!

  • In this look, Parineeti has more intensity of black pigments than browns.  The perfect palette for this one would be the Maybelline Nudes palette, as it has the right shades to get this eye makeup and is super affordable as well, It retails for about INR800. 
  • A good thing would be, to start with a soft brown shade as the transition color, with slowly intensifying the crease with a dark or chocolate brown shade. Once that is done and well blended, take a sexy black shade and start applying it starting from the outer corner and then moving on to the inner part of the eye. Do blend it well and take your time, so that you don't end up with Panda Eyes! 
  • The last thing you should do is take the soft & dark brown shades on a blending brush and blend all shades together. You can keep the intensity and pigmentation as you would wish to. For the water line, the easiest way would be to take your favorite Kajal Pencil, my favorite is the Lakme iconic Kajal, and apply it to your water line and then smudge it , once that is done use the dark brown shade and apply it generously to your waterline.
  • Use a good amount of mascara to define your lashes, You can use the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Mascara . as its really super amazing and looks like as if you have fake lashes on; lastly seal the deal by applying a thin line using your favorite eye liner, also take your favourite nude lip shade and add some color to your lips ! 

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