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Inder Kumar's Second Wife Slammed His Ex Girlfriend Isha Koppikar And His First Wife


Inder Kumar passed away at the age of 45 due  to cardiac arrest. This was shocking for his friends and Bollywood Fraternity. After his death, his ex girlfriend Isha Koppikar and first wife said he was in depression and was financially broke.
Today Inder's wife Pallavi Kumar slammed everyone who commented on his life. She took to Facebook and said, "Isha koppikar Narang jee spoke any his habits. Sonal Kariya jee described him as a bad husband. If he was so wrong why Isha stayed with him for so long. And why did Sonal marry him. All these statements are given to look good in society. Have some heart to talk such nonsense please. One day you will also face the same God. Shame on those who don’t even know the meaning of humanity."

May his soul rest in peace!

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