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Lovebirds Maheck Chachal And Ashmit Patel Get Engaged In A Private Ceremony!


Meheck Chahal and Ashmit Patel are currently on their European holiday and enjoying every bit of it. If TOI sources to be believed then the two has finally exchanged rings. Ashmit was planning to propose Meheck in Paris but things didn't happen accordingly. Yesterday, finally he popped a question to Meheck. In an interview to TOI, he said,"I never told Maheck that I was carrying a ring with me. We were supposed to meet her family in Norway and I wanted to propose to her in Paris, the city of love, but it did not happen that way. We were at a cozy restaurant in Marbella (Spain), which had a fantastic view, and I decided to propose. So Maheck has a habit of having dessert after dinner, and I had decided to propose then. However, on that night, she did not ask for any dessert. So, I excused myself and asked the waiters to get some strawberries dipped in chocolate. I then placed the ring on the plate with strawberries, under a bowl which was placed upside.” 

"I was so surprised, that I laughed out loud. Since we were not sure which finger — right or left — the ring should be worn on, we paused for a while. He then went down on his knees and the entire restaurant cheered for us. It was a very romantic proposal.”
They are planning to get married soon,"We are meeting my parents today and will finalise a date soon. Hopefully, we should be married in six months. I want a destination wedding abroad, while Maheck prefers to get hitched in India.”

Congratulations Guys!

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