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TV Actress Ridhi Dogra's Open Letter On Depression Is A Must Read


No one talks about depression in open. But our glamour industry have opened up about their battle with depression. Now, Ridhi Dogra who is currently seen in Woh Apna Sa, came forward and wrote a powerful open letter. 
"Many artists at some point or the other deal with depression, I know I have.  A couple of years ago I was voluntarily saying no to every role or television show because I had set higher goals for myself and was looking for work that would challenge me as an artist. When I got exhausted from the lack of such work coming my way, instead of accepting the mediocrity all around I ended up feeling pretty low on self-worth. Some of the symptoms of depression are a constant feeling of self-pity, self-doubt, losing interest in everything around, being numb to feelings of happiness or sadness, unexplainable mood swings." 

"Creative people possess within them the poison of depression. They also possess its antidote. Hence, the outcome of depression in artists, actors in particular, is an honest, authentic and elevated performance i.e. if the artist identifies and accepts the causes of depression in him or herself. To all the artists reading this, I salute your courage to live your dreams. Just don’t let that fire die down. Don’t fall prey to dogma. Keep your head held high and turn your cannots into can’s.  Turn your rejections into strengths, your anger into passion, your hurt into that performance of a lifetime. And those fighting with depression, know that you are loved and not alone. You are important to this universe because there is no one else like you. And that is your power. Like Albert Camus said, “In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer."

You go girl! 

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