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10 ways to relieve the Stress Before Your Wedding Day !


Juggling between final fittings of your wedding lehenga and distributing invitation cards, you're bound to feel like a pressure cooker all set to explode. Add a hundred more pending tasks, and you might start to feel the weight of wedding planning on your shoulders, follow these 10 easy steps to reclaim your inner self. 

1. Wake up and Yoga: Yoga will help you detoxify all the stress out physically and mentally. Believe me you will start feeling way good about yourself and confident about your body.
2. Meditate: Well what other best way to relax thy mind? Say Ommm...
3. Go for a Run: Yes, and leave all your worries behind.
4. Go for a Spa: This is one of the best ways to relax. Just lie down, close your eyes and transcend!
5. Try Aromatherapy Bath: Here is a slightly inexpensive alternative to Spa and that is bathing with essential bath oils such as lavender, avocado, almond oil, aura cacia and others. This will surely elevate your mood and help you relax!
6. Don’t forget to eat right:. A diet rich in proteins, carbs, fibre, vitamins and yes, never forget fresh fruits. Stay away from junk as much as possible except maybe on cheat days :P
7. Write down what you feel: It might not be possible to always have someone to hear you out (since everybody must be busy with your wedding planning) or you might not be feeling comfortable sharing it with somebody. Well hey! You can always share it with yourself. Research says that writing down your feelings and emotions has therapeutic effects.
8. Spend time with your BFFs: Talking about therapy, what on earth would be better than spending time with your soul sisters or brothers!
9. Spend time with your family because soon you will miss it: Everybody is bound to be busy in planning the wedding but try managing a movie (at home maybe) or dinner or some family game (cards, tambola) or maybe a morning walk?

10. Get plenty of rest: Sleep for 8 hours minimum. A sound sleep will surely restore your energy.

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