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5 New Modern Ways To Style Your Choodha!


Choodha is the most popular and loved wedding accessory that every Punjabi bride wears. These are a set of white and red coloured bangles that marks a new bride's journey  to married life. While lot of girls think, they can't do much to their choodha to make it work and holiday appropriate. But dear soon-to-be-bride, we are here to help you out, and give you 5 new ways you can style y our choodha.

#1 Go minimal!
If you are one of those who had never worn a bangle in their life, wearing a choodha for a year can be a big task. So, instead of going for a full choodha size opt for a minimal customized choodha which you can easily carry. 
#2 Ditch the red and go for another colour!
If you can carry of another colour choodha, then do invest in a poppy pink or a baby pink choodha, which will perfectly go with your western wear as well as Indian.
#3 Add pearl or embellished bangles to it!
With your white and red colour choodha you can add embellished kadas and pearl work bangles to add the style factor. 
#4 Add name to it!
Although adding a name to your choodha is an old tradition, but its again coming back in trend. So, you can even add name to your choodha!
#5 Add Kundan bangles!
You can even break the monotony by adding  Kundan  bangles in the middle of your choodha. A fun way to give your choodha the style touch. 
So, how are you going to style your choodha!

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