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7 Beautiful Ways To Capture The Glory Of Your Bridal Dupatta On Your Wedding!


We at #Weddingbytes Headquarters, love every little detail in a brides ensemble from head-to-toe. And we constantly put effort in bringing our readers the best of bridal fashion, ideas and inspiration. Recently, we thought that not much is covered on bridal dupattas, while it's one of the most important part of her ensemble, that makes her complete. Not all photographers are able to capture the glory of your beautiful dupatta. But, Team Weddingbytes found some prettiest dupattas worn by real brides and the way they capture it. However, before we take you on a ride to bridal glory, here are some tips to ace your Dupatta game!

How to make your bridal dupatta stand out!
From a very young age, we love the feel of dupattas, we had seen our moms drape it beautifully and always dreamt of wearing it some day when we grew up. So, if you too want one of the prettiest dupattas that matches your lehenga, then here are some tips and tricks. 

- Opt for a dupatta that you feel comfortable and accentuates your face, since, when you are going to take it up on your head, it has to make you look brighter and don't look too overboard.

- Check the inner lining of your dupatta, it should be of brighter colour like rani pinks or royal blue or even golden, so that it makes you look more beautiful and don't dull your glow.

- Go for double dupatta only if you can carry it, since, handling two dupattas with the heaviest lehenga is not an easy job.

- Keep the dupatta simple, don't opt for too much embroidery on the dupatta, as it will become heavy on your head. 

Here is how you can capture the glory of your bridal dupatta!

#1 The pink dupatta with silver tassels!
This one is bridal dupatta shot from a Muslim wedding, and the reason why we listed it on our lust list is because of the pretty work that's clearly seen on the bride's dupatta. We love the elegance and sheer beauty of her whole outfit. Hence, it's an eternal shot captured forever.
#2 The fuchsia Dupatta!
This one shot is from a Sikh marriage, bride wore a beautiful fuchsia  outfit, which has a double dupatta, in this shot, she is showing off her dupatta while taking it in a complete ghoonghat way. We loved the way the elegance of her dupatta is showing in this picture.
#3 Baby pink dupatta!
The side of shot of this bride, and her coy nature is clearly visible in this picture. The beauty of her pastel pink dupatta is love.  This candid shot is beautifully taken, and a must show to your photographer. 
#4 The twirling shot!
Often most of twirl in our lehenga and love the glory of the lehenga flare, but this bride's dupatta twirl is another next level shot. 
#5 Pink bride!
This candid shot of the bride, praying for her happy marriage is one of our another favourite. Her beautifully dupattai is beautifully  captured in this picture. And the double border of the dupatta is making the bride's look more amazing.
#6 Golden lehenga with net dupatta!
The scalloped detailing of the net dupatta is stunning, and we love how the bride is holding for the shot. One of the most important thing while getting your dupatta grace clicked is to be comfortable with the actions you do.
#7 The back dupatta shot!
If you are having a net dupatta, and you have opted for a beautiful hairdo, then dear-brides-to-be, don't forget to get it captured like this bride did.
We love these gorgeous Dupatta shots, what about you, let us know in the comments below!

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