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BRIDES, Here Are 5 Detox Masks That You Should Put Post Your Wedding Day !


It is the trend of detox. From detox drinks, foods to detox face mask the world is trying every possible way to look and feel beautiful. Detox face masks are a fad these days and if you have seen your favorite beauty blogger/vlogger raving about any of branded detox face masks, then before you step out to buy any face mask, read our post. Detox face masks require one ingredient that penetrates deep into the skin and removes the grime residing in your skin. We have listed out 5 detox face masks that will chuck out the dullness from your face and make your skin healthy and beautiful. Forget the expensive face masks from your favorite brands, we bet when you try these natural detox face masks you will thank us instantly.

1. Charcoal And Clay Detox Face Mask:
This face mask will act like a magnet and attract all impurities, residing on your face. For this face mask, you will need activated charcoal, bentonite clay, chamomile tea powder and voila you will get a super clean face. Activated charcoal has super absorbing properties that will unclog the pores, expel blackheads, slough dead skin cells, whereas clay will tighten your face and chamomile tea powder will de-stress your skin. Mix all three ingredients in a bowl and smear it on your face, rinse after 30 minutes. Use this face mask every week and get gorgeous skin. 
Tip: use a wooden spoon to scoop out clay powder, as the metal will reduce its effectiveness. 

2. Egg White And Yogurt Detox Face Mask:
Detox your face with egg white, yogurt and honey face mask. Egg white will shrink the pores, reduce sebum and yogurt are rich in lactic acid which will fade the blemishes and pigmentation. Also when you add honey, it will keep acne, blackheads at bay. Spread a fine layer of this mask on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and repeat this every week. 

3. Grapefruit Detox Mask:
Grapes are an exotic fruit that not only tastes great, but even makes your skin stunning. Grapes will hydrate your skin, banish the blemishes, prevent sagging and enhance this recipe add ½ teaspoon of baking soda, which will expel the blackheads and keep your skin beautiful. Smear this mixture on your face and wash after 15 minutes, do this weekly, twice if your skin is super oily. 

4. Chocolate And Mint Detox Face Mask:
Go a step ahead with your face mask, pamper yourself with a chocolate face mask and get a dewy, blemish free skin. Chocolate is rich in flavonoids that will hide signs of aging, mint will prevent acne, bring a glow on your face and honey will keep your skin hydrated. Whip 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder, crushed mint leaves or a few drops of peppermint oil and honey. On your clean face, apply this face mask and wash after half an hour. This detox face mask will work for all skin types, you can even use the unflavored dark chocolate bar. 

5. Coffee Clay Detox Face Mask:
Take 1 tablespoon of any clay powder (fuller’s earth, bentonite clay, kaolin clay) and mix it with 1 teaspoon of coffee powder. To make a thick paste add apple cider vinegar and on your clean face spread the mixture and leave it for 20 minutes. Clay will absorb the toxins from your face and tighten your skin, coffee will stimulate blood circulation, exfoliate your skin whereas apple cider vinegar will restore pH levels in your skin and prevent acne, dullness. Use this face mask once a week and stay beautiful.

Detox your face and reduce acne, acne scars, spots and even signs of aging. Let us know which of these are your favorite face detox mask. 

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