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Brides! These 5 Tips Will Help You Pick Out The Best Mangalsutra You Will Happily Wear!


Wedding shopping is not at all easy, from choosing the right engagement ring to convincing your better half to pick the prettiest mangalsutra that matches your taste. Well, the journey of being a bride is not an easy one, but surely we can make it less bumpy. As Team Weddingbytes bring 5 tips that will help you get the most beautiful Mangalsutra you will happily wear for years. 

#1 Decide the budget!
Before you head out for your mangalsutra shopping, first and foremost, decide the budget. As you might feel bad later if you fell in love with a design that's out of the reach. So, decide the budget with your partner.
#2 Length!
Selecting the length of your marriage band is important since it will help you know whether it will match your western wear, and whether you will be able to carry it after wedding.
#3 Pendant size!
Size of the pendant is also important. As girls today like more of minimal design that matches their work wear outfit.

#4  The shape of the pendant!
These days there are so many shapes that are popular, round, heart, or you can even go for totally unusual shape.
#5 Black or gold?
Another important part is to decide whether you want more of black beads, or gold in it. While all black beads will help you pair it easily with the western.

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  1. Wow!!! These mangalsutra are very beautiful. I am very lucky to see these mangalsutra designs. I appreciate your article.