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Brides-To-Be! Fight The Fat With These 5 Simple Fitness Tips That Definitely Works


No matter what shape or size, we are, we all are beautiful in our own beautiful way. Embrace your curves in a healthy way. However, if you are still fighting hard to lose those extra kilos before you get married, then we advise you to follow our simple 5 fitness tips that you might be avoiding. Scroll down and get going ladies!

#1 Say no to Champagne!
The shiny bubbles might look beautiful but avoid it while you are on your fitness streak. Stay away from alcohol. However, if you can't keep your hands away from alcohol then try Bira 91 as it's yummy and will not effect your tummy.

#2 Avoid sugar rushes!
Say goodbye to your sweet tooth, and avoid cakes and pastries for a while. As they add the extra calories and will ruin all your workout efforts.

#3 Workouts are the only option!
Instead of going for crash dieting, opt for a kickass workout routine, you can do cardio, gym, yoga or just a good walk in the morning will help you fight the extr kg's, just find out what suits you best.

#4 Set your food timings!
Also, lot of people believe in eating whenever they feel like, a good food schedule helps in maintaining the weight. So, set your food timings, and eat whatever you feel like.

#5 Stay on your toes!
Don't be lazy, and whenever you get a chance go for a walk. Walking a miles helps in maintaining the weight. So, gear up yourself and stay on your toes whenever you can.

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