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Everything You Need to know about Water Retention & How to cure it !


In basic terms, water retention is also called fluid retention. This means, there is an excessive build-up of fluids in the body tissues, in the circulatory system and in the body cavities too.n medical terms, water retention is called edema. This is swelling of the body caused by the fluid retentions when there is an excessive amount of fluid trapped in the tissues of the body.
The human body is known to consist seventy percent of water. Inside and outside, the human body cells are mostly with water. Even the blood is made from water, and so are the muscles and the organs in our bodies too.

Water retention occurs in different areas of the body and the reasons for the same are different too. Let’s take a look at them individually.

1.Too Much Salt

Consuming excessive salt or processed foods and soft drinks lead to water retention in the body.

2. Pregnancy

The body goes through a lot of changes when a woman is expecting a baby. This is a time also when the uterus weight on the main pelvic veins can cause fluid retention. Nothing to worry about, as once the baby is born, the issue resolves on its own.

3. Lack Of Exercises

Sitting or standing in one place for long is not advised. The lymphatic system needs stimulation and the overflow needs to be regulated. This will bring back the blood to be reused into the blood stream at normal regulation rates and then, in turn, the water levels would be regulated too.

4. Proteins Deficiency

If there is protein deficiency in the body, it would be tough for the tissues to effectively balance water levels.

5. Medications To Be Blamed

There are some medications that can cause water retention in the body. For example-
  • Estrogen drugs
  • HRT or hormone replacement therapies
  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Beta-blockers
  • Chemotherapy treatment

6. Premenstrual Causes

Pre-menstrual issues can cause water retention and breast tenderness. This is because of the hormonal imbalance in the body. Sometimes it is also to be blamed on the nutrition levels too

7. Overall Diet

Foods rich in sodium can cause water retention. Bad diets, crash diets, low consumption of vitamin B1, B5 and B6 can make matters worse. Even low levels of albumin can make matters worse.
8. Allergies can be blamed in some people for water retention
9. Thyroid issues are to be blamed too

1. Garlic

What all you need:
  • Garlic pods chopped
  • Chew them before a meal on an empty stomach
How it works:
Garlic is a very well known diuretic, which means; the herb helps release excess amounts of water from the body and also flushes out the toxins from the body. This herb helps you lose weight too and it breaks down the fats in the body to do so.
Tip: Once a day to chew garlic is more than enough

2.Fennel Seeds

What you need:
  • A tbsp of fennel seeds
  • Water
  • Boil two cups of water
  • Add the seeds
  • Cover it
  • Strain
  • Drink it
How it works:
Fennel seeds contain anethole, which has many medicinal properties. It is also a natural diuretic which helps reduce the systolic levels of blood pressure in the body and to release the excess amounts of water in the body too.
Tip: To be drunk thrice a day!

3. Lemon Juice

What you need:
  • One large lime
  • Water
  • Cut the lime into half
  • Squeeze out all the juice
  • Add to warm water
  • Stir
  • Drink
How it works:
Limes are natural diuretics that help flush the toxins and removes excess of water from the body. They also help nourish and clean the kidneys, allowing them to function well.
Tip: Drink warm lime juice twice a day on an empty stomach

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