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"I Would Like To Take His Autograph" Saif Ali Khan On Taimur's Popularity!


Saif and Kareena's son Taimur has already become a star. He always grabbed our attention with his cuteness. His chubby cheeks and blue eyes are adorable. Yesterday, Saif attended the trailer launch of his new movie 'Chef', where he got candid about Taimur. He said,"I would like to take his autograph."
He further added,"When I am working I would like to do 7 to 7 shift if I can as I can see him early in the morning and when I come back I get to spend a decent amount of time with him. When you do wrong shifts, you don't get to see your children at all."
"In earlier days, senior actresses used to tell that they used to see their parents rarely if they are working. Now, we are more conscious about that and we balance it out. I am still lucky that we have help and my wife and I try to balance it out as much as we can and one of us is around. I guess some people can't do that and I feel bad for them. The most important thing is to balance it out" 

That's a great idea of parenting!

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