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#Infocus: Here’s Why I Love the AMAZON Fire TV Stick And 'INSIDE EDGE' Series


Gone are the days when there was plain-god-for-saken TV viewing! For me essentially, the mode of viewing television has changed drastically. I steam all of the content that I intend to consume on my smartphone itself. While I do enjoy the experience, it does it take a toll on my eyes. This is where Amazon reached out to me and introduced to me their stunning (I will tell you why I called it stunning later in the post) AMAZON Fire TV Stick. As the name suggests, it really does look like a stick that you can plug into your TV and turn it to a smart TV in no time! You silpmy need an HDMI slot for this. Plugging in the Amazon Fire TV Stick is pretty simple. It’s a very compact looking device, which by the way also comes with its own remote and voice control features.

If you buy the Fire TV Stick directly from Amazon like I did then you simply need to add your wi-fi password, which will be routed to your amazon account directly. After a few clicks on the Bluetooth remote, you will see a short introductory video that will inform you on the basics of voice control (trust me, it’s only a few seconds job). Incase you don’t buy this off amazon then don’t worry for you will be required to simply create an amazon account and type via TV remote which btw is a really smooth process too.

Navigating with the Amazon Fire TV Stick is effortless thanks to the remote control. Personally, for me its the remote that is the hero of the product. The remote features three separate buttons to pause, play, fast-forward, then you have a main home page button, a back button and a menu button.

The circular navigation button lets you explore more content and then you have the stunning voice button! I didn’t think it to work like magaic but it did- one you say names of shows, actors, movies on to the remote- the content appears right in front of you and it was ONLY ACCURATE in each case for me!  

I loved exploring apps on the Amazon Fire TV Stick for you have the whole world in front of you-Netflix, YouTube, Eros Now, Gaana, Voot, HotStar, etc. Plus. Amazon’s own original content will keep you hooked to your television all day long. I have bene binge watching Amazon’s Inside Edge series that is also the most watched title on Amazon Prime Video, catching the imagination of a cricket and entertainment loving nation. It also holds the record for the second best performing Original, with more percentage of unique streamers in its home market than any other show.

The X-RAY feature on the Amazon fire TV Stick too is ab absolute win for me. This one feature will let you get a list of scenes for the TV show or the movie that you'll be watching. It also aids information about the cast, the character details, music details about the music playing during a scene, filming location and much more.

I love the series for it comes packed with drama and entertainment featuring a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Power play League. There’s money, power, sex, selfishness et al that makes it a great drama series to follow and of course then you have a league of Bollywood stars taking the center stage here.

The narrative spins around the actor Richa Chadha’s character called Zarina Malik, who is shown to co-own a cricket team, Mumbai Mavericks, in the Power Play League (PPL). The fate of her team is in trouble as she tries her best to suppress her growing apprehensions over it. The other co-owner of the team— an industrialist — goes bankrupt, leaving Zarina hanging in the balance. The show brings in Bollywood talent with actor Vivek Anand Oberoi seen as an intimidating mastermind and superbly convincing; then you also have team captain played by Angad Bedi and team coach by Sanjay Suri. Other set of actors such as Tanuj Virwani, Sarah Jane Dias, Amit Sial, Siddhant Chaturvedi and SayGupta are also seen in prominent roles in the series. 

The climax of the first episode itself adds to a great interest level because of its shock value and sensationalism. The series will get you all hooked and I can guarantee that you'll binge watch it until the end. 

The device is fast, quick and pretty straightforward. Recently accessed shows and apps can be found on the home screen, or you can scroll up and across to find different content and apps. So while all the features are a hit for me, the video quality was something that I was worried about and I am not sure if the photos do justice, but the remote also offers support for High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC), thus giving me more 1080p HD streams from the existing Internet connection. Oh and there’s no buffering delay whatsoever!

I have loved using the device and think that you should too try it once to get absolutely convinced: p Amazon Fire TV Stick makes sure that you are’t dependent on your phone and that you are spoilt for a choice when it comes to binge-watching and digital app. Priced at INR 3999, you can get one for yourself here-

Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM to see me put the voice remote feature of the AMAZON Fire TV Stick to test! 

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