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OMG! This Bride Wrote Her Wedding Hashtag In An Unbelievable Place


We are sure you might have heard of brides getting there Wedding Hashtag on Mehendi, lehenga and shoes. Well, but this bride went a step ahead, she chose one of the most unusual place to write her wedding Hashtag, which made us go weak in the knees.
Look closely at the image below, you will notice something.

Did you notice her nails, well this bride got her wedding hashtag on her nails. Isn't it beautiful! This is one of the most beautiful and creative way to get your wedding hashtag. For those who still couldn't find it, look at the nail art of the bride. She got her wedding Hashtag on her nail art with a heart 💓!
Here are 6 cool ways to add your Wedding Day Hashtag in your Wedding!

#1 In your mehendi!
#2 Betiwale hashtag as a brooch!

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#3 This bride got the name on the lehenga as an embroidery!
#4 Customized clutch!
#5 Customized choodha with name!

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