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These 5 Funniest Couple Shot Is A Must Have In Your Wedding Album For Your Kids To See!


Weddings are made in heaven, no matter either it's arrange or you arrange it by yourself (without letting the oldies know). And the Three-day affair is like an Occasion that's going to last forever. Everyone gets crazy in dancing, shopping, and having the time of their life. After all, this day comes only once, and from your parents to your siblings to your pets everyone wants to enjoy in their own beautiful. 
So, we advise you to get clicked, don't be camera shy, click every little moment on your phone or either on the camera. Capture every moment, because together it will become your entire life. And while you get yourself happily clicked with your family, friends and in-laws, don't forget Mr. Groom. Yes, don't just click the fake poses, that you are going to laugh on years later and tell your kids 'vo camera wale bhiya ne kaha'. Team Weddingbytes brings you 5 funniest poses that will definitely make you and your kids laugh for yeas and the actual laugh.

#1 Girls are always Right, no matte what!
This is the key to happy marriage, no matter what learn to accept that Girls are always right. This funny picture is the proof that he has lost the battle already.

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#2 The tired poses!
Sometimes, the clueless, tired, candid shots can be fun too, and when you have such a creative mind. This one is definitely Facebook worthy picture.

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#3 Let the madness begins!
And this one pictures shows, that who is always going to be behind to let the madness to the happily married life begin.

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#4 Let me show you the way!
You lead, I will follow, this stunning pictures is speaking for itself.

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#5 Kick-start your married life!
Isn't this one creative shot, all you need is a textured wall that looks like a floor.

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