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Bigg Boss 11: "Akash Dadlani Crossed The Line Of Decency With Me" Lucinda Opens Up On Her Eviction!


Just a week into the main house, Lucinda Nicholas had to bow out of Bigg Boss 11 after the housemates voted against her. The padosis, who were from different corners of the world, were asked to project themselves as relatives in front of the housemates but they failed in the task. After her surprise eviction, Lucinda opens up and said,"Firstly language was a major issue but I was learning. Now I can have an entire conversation in Hindi. Secondly, when I entered the show, I was astonished and with so many powers in the padosis hands. I was taking time to understand the game. Yes, I regret going in a shell trying to cope up with the surprises but that’s my personality. Also from the time, we entered the main house, I did not want to fight and create controversy for we had to maintain our characters and also the position of decision makers.”

"Initially it was funny the way he sang for me but it slowly turned really dirty. He kept asking me to kiss him and even when I said no, he kept on persuading me. It was disgusting when he told me that a girl’s no actually means yes. That’s a very cheap thought and I am relieved to get away from him.”

We have no thoughts for Akash Dadlani! 

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