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Brides! Check Out These 5 Tips That Will Help You Get Through The Shaadi Madness


Planning a wedding is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience and a sane mind to make things work. While there are so many things we need to take care of, #WeddingBytes team prepared a list of things you need to start planning As Soon As your  Shaadi date is fixed. Note it down and don't waste a minute.

#1 Venue
Once your wedding date is fixed, remember to lock down the venue as soon as possible without any delays. This is the very first step that you should prepare yourself for, as wedding venues get booked fast. Start searching for it and if you are confused just lock down the venue verbally.

#2 Start your work out NOW!
Remember eating is easy but losing the weight is difficult. And no one wants to look fat on their big day, it's better to start your work out now and keep an eye on your diet, to get in shape before you tie the knot.

#3 Photographers
If your date is fixed in the hyped Shaadi season, make sure you book the best photographer soon. As they get booked real fast. So, once the date is fixed, look out for best photographers in the town and finalize them soon.

#4 Take care of your skin!
You might hire the best makeup artist in the town for your big day. but you need to take care of your own skin soon. As the last minute makeup or facial won't do magic. So, start out with your DadiMa ke Nushke and get that glowing skin for your wedding.

#5 Start your Search!
Bridal shopping, planning for the trousseau, takes a lot of trips to the market. so start your search, know from where you can get the best deal and best fashion looks. Take a tour of market one by one, know the right price and best buys. 

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