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First Karwa Chauth! Know The Importance Of 'Baya' On This Day


Once you tie the knot, Karwa Chauth becomes the most important festival for a married women. From getting ready to putting mehendi on to eating the sargi before starting the fast, everything co-relates to this day. But not many know the importance of Baya which is kept while doing Pooja and which is then gifted to the mother-in-law. So, for those keeping their First Karwa Chauth, we are here to give you all the gyan.

What is Baya?
Baya is a first gift given to daughter's mother-in-law on this paticular day. It includes salted mathris that are a must, some dry fruits and few gifts for the mother in law. Mothers of a newly wed bride brings all these gifts for everyone in the house. Also, in some home these gifts include some utensils too.

Why it is important?
Just like sargi, Baya is important too, without which  the Karwa Chauth festival is not completed. While doing Pooja, ladies circulates the baya thali which holds a deeper meaning. It is considered as a traditional gift that is a must to give to the mother-in-law.

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