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Girls! Save These Easy Tips To Wear Heels Without Pain This Wedding Season


Dear Brides-to-be & their Bridesmaid,
We are sure you must be planning to buy yourself a fancy pair of heels that perfectly match your dress. But our sky-high heels, come with lots of pain and making us unable to even walk. And it all ruins the marriage fun, and at #Weddingbytes we put in all the efforts to help you get the best of your wedding. So, today we cover easy tips and tricks to wearing heels without any pain. Yes, scroll down and try it yourself!

#1 Always shop for Heels at the end of the day!
Remember never ever go shop for your heels at the start of your shopping spree, rather wait until the end, and then find the right pair that suits you. The logic behind it is very simple, this way you will be buying the best heels that will fit you in the worst condition as well, and will keep you comfortable.
#2 Tape Your Toe Fingers Together!
This actually works and tried by our team, all you need to do is tape the third and fourth toe fingers together. As the nerve that splits between those two fingers causes the pain as most pressure is put on it. The tape helps prevent the pain.
#3 Soften your inner heels!
At times, the inner part of our beautiful stilettoes causes discomfort and becomes the reason behind our aching feet. Our advice is to use petroleum jelly, to soften the inner part of the heels and leave it overnight, or use coconut oil for 3 days to make the inner heels comfortable.
#4 Choose thick heels!
No matter how much you love pencil heels, avoid it if it causes discomfort. It's your wedding and you need to look happy and comfortable so opt for thicker heels like block heels or wedges, that balances your posture.
#5 Insoles!
Insert insoles, if you find your heels uncomfortable, an insole will help you stand for long hours, and won't even cause discomfort. You can easily get insoles from anywhere, even from where you are buying your heels.

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