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Ladies! Know All About The Most Emotional Wedding Ceremony- 'Kanyadaan' & Why Is It Important!


Indian weddings are full of age-old traditions, that are not easily understandable. And while we all say we are never gonna marry, the truth, we will. And that's one of the most emotional moment for our entire family to witness. To see their love, their daughter become a woman, and all ready to make her own world. 
In Hindu religion groom is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the bride is considered to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, giving the daughter away is a very emotional as well as a religiously significant act for the bride's parents. So, Team Weddingbytes is here to guide you further about this ceremony and why is it important.

Why is it one of the most emotional part?
For any father, one of the most prized possession is his daughter, and it becomes more difficult to give it in the hands of a complete stranger (no matter how good the Groom is). Fathers are the one who pampers their daughter even why the mothers scold. One smile from the daughter and every father's heart melts. Hence, it's not at all easy for any father to see her daughter leave.
Religious Significance!
The ritual of giving away the daughter to the groom is not just an emotional procedure, it is also given more importance due to its religious implications. Even the seven vows that the couple takes around the holy fire, is something that brings on some teasing and smiles. However, the atmosphere completely transforms when the father of the bride places her hands into the groom. That's when he gives away the responsibilities of her daughter. 
Kanyadaan is considered one of the biggest daan as it is not easy to give away one of the most prized possessions. 

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