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Learn How To Slay The Perfect Smokey Eye Look Like Deepika Padukone For This Wedding Season !


Deepika Padukone always gives us some amazing looks , that are totally worth trying, She was recently seen sporting a gorgeous smokey eye look with a gorgeous Sabyasachi attire.

This is how you can slay a smokey eye and look absolutely sexy for the wedding season !

Always start with prepping your skin really well, A good moisturizer and toner is definitely important. Once the face has been prepped properly , Start with eyes first , so that if there are any fall outs , then you can easily correct it without it being all messy on the base. One of the most affordable and gorgeous palette that you can use to create this look is the Maybelline Nudes Palette, it's got perfect shades to create this look.A good thing would be to first draw a line using a blendable kajal on your lids and then using a brush blend that black kajal , don't take it all the way upto your crease, repeat this step till the time the black looks very well blended.

The next thing you want to do this , take the black eyeshadow and pat it gently over the blended kajal. Once your done with this , work very well on your creae shades, First go in with a soft brown and then take a nice chocolate brown shade. The key to a good smokey eye to blend really well.

For the base makeup , you can choose any foundation you like , choose a light weight foundation that looks skin like. A slight blush and bronzer will make the face look really appealing.Go in with a brown toned lip color or else you can actually use any lip shade that you like.

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