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New Brides! These 5 Tips Will Help You Keep Your First Karwa Chauth Fast!


There is nothing more beautiful than first festivals, and you get the sense of being married is when you keep your first Karwa. So, ladies while we are sure you might be happy and anxious at the same time on keeping your first fast all day long. Karwa Chauth is a fun and colourful festival, and the most difficult fast at the same time. And it gets even more difficult when you are keeping it for the first time. So, here are some tips that will help you keep your fast easily without much problem.

#1 Eat the Sargi properly!
We know eating early in the morning is not easy, we don't feel like waking and eating looks like a far-away job. But if you are keeping the fast then remember to eat properly, add nuts in your sargi so that it keeps you full. Also, remember not to eat oily or fried items as it will make you lethargic. 

#2 Drink some juice after the pooja!
Ladies, staying without food and water for long can effect your health, so we advise you to modify the rituals a little according to your body's need. Drink some fresh juice, or eat some fruit once you are done with the pooja. It will keep you going for all day long.

#3 Don't stress or exert your body and mind!
If you are a working women, do not over exert your mind and body. Work less and stay calm. And dear housewifes, don't do household work that day. Order food from outside, so that you get to keep yourself relaxed.

#4 Divert your mind!
If you are feeling thirsty, simply divert your mind. Concentrate more on getting ready, and how to look more and more beautiful for your first Karwa Chauth. You can even watch a film that diverts your mind and makes you happy.

#5 Distract yourself!
You are lucky  this time Karwa Chauth is on Sunday, which mean you can easily distract your mind by spending more and more time with Mr.Husband. Take an off from the kitchen and make him the master chef for the day. 

These tips will definitely help you in sailing through the day.

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