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Planning A Dream Proposal? Wait & Check Out This Stunning Planned Proposal We Are Drooling Over!


We all love Proposals and seeing our man to get on their Kneess and pop those three words, in front of the world to know. Well, blame this on our Bollywood movies or Disney Stories, we all at some point in our life, wait for that perfect moment to come. So, if you too are planning your dream proposal, or helping someone in it, then you need to watch this stunning video by Weddingnama.

Every Girl's Dream Proposal Video!
This video is surely every girl's dream proposal video, and it is beautifully captured by Weddingnama, the nervousness, the tension it all can clearly be seen in this beautiful video. This is the kind of film they will happily want to show their kids. We love each and every detail of the proposal.

Things We loved from the Dream Proposal!
- We loved the bride's monotone slip gown with flares at the bottom.
- The beautiful natural backdrop
- How the Groom added every picture from their first date to every little moment in the proposal.
-  The way their entire family helped them shoot this dream proposal.

Check out the beautiful pictures by Weddingnama below!
Pooja Jai Mirani
Pooja Jai Mirani
Pooja Jai Mirani
The video will surely give you #RelationshipGoals!

We wish the couple lots of love!

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