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Quick Review of Citra’s New Skin Care Range


How we treat our skin throughout the day can make the most substantial difference. No matter how my day looks like, I make sure that I prep my skin with the right kind of skincare products every morning. I am superbly excited to share a range of magical skin care products by Citra India on the blog today that is taking care of my skin to the fullest. Citra’s available in 2 ranges that are enriched with the power of Korean Akoya Pink Pearl and Japanese Green Tea. Featuring unique natural ingredients with potent formula, it brings in products that can help you get a long-lasting glow from within and here’s my first impression and a quick review of the products:

It can take some time to find what skin care ingredients work best for your skin type, but once you find the perfect daily wear products - it then becomes easy to get a great skin!

1. Citra Pimple Clear Face Wash

The very first thing that caught my attention was the Citra Pimple Clear Face Wash. I was quite excited to try out this coveted product for it comes infused with antioxidants from Japanese Green Tea, which we all know is great for our skin. The face wash comes in a simple squeezable tube that cleanses the skin to reveal skin freshness and radiance. Priced at INR 75 for 50 gms and INR 140 for 100 gms, the face wash lathers well and has a pleasing fragrance. Regular usage of the Citra a pimple clear face wash detoxifies the skin, thus aiding in getting rid of blemishes and preventing them from cropping up in the future.

2. Citra Pearl Fair Gel Face Wash

Glowing, radiant skin is constantly on our minds and that’s why its time to trust the natural ingredients found in Korean beauty rituals. Citra Pearl Fair Gel Face Wash cleanses the skin that also enables skin’s natural glow. It is working wonders on my skin ever since I have added it to my otherwise non-existent ‘waking up’ routine. For best results spread the solution onto your face in small circular motions and then rinse your face and pat it dry with a face towel. Priced at INR 85 for 50 gms and INR 160 for 100 gms, the face does deep cleansing and smoothens the skin.

3. Citra Spotless Fair Face Cream 

I always prefer something that gives my face just enough moisture without feeling greasy and maybe that’s why Citra Spotless Fair Face Cream is now part of my daily regime. This lightweight formula works effectively from within your skin to recapture healthy-looking radiance. Japanese Green Tea reduces spots, blemishes, and dullness leaving your skin looking even, fair and nourished. Priced at INR 99 for 30 gms and INR 199 for 50 gms, you should massage this cream onto your skin post-cleansing until its fully absorbed for best results.

4. Citra Pearl Fair Face Cream

Your search for a lightweight daily wear moisturizer ends here! Citra Pearl Fair Face Cream comes packed with Korean Pearl extract that leaves you with a glowing skin at all times. A single pump of this potent formula blends easily into the skin, making your face appear even toned and illuminated. To combat the holiday tan or dullness, this face cream could be your best bet this festive season. This face cream is priced at INR 99 for 30 gms and INR 199 for 50 gms. Ever since I have begun to use this moisturizer twice every day, my skin texture has improved to great extent.

I have been infatuated by the enormous options in the market basis the advertising and the promises some brands claim but having used the Citra skincare range are one of the best decisions I have made. Do give these products a try and yes, I will be sharing my festive skin care tips and ideas in the next set of posts ☺

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