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Three Mantras To Support Your Emotional Intelligence !


Most of us are taught, from a young age through adulthood, that studying/working hard and/or being a beautiful equal success and will take us far in life. There is an unbelievable amount of importance placed on financial status and outward appearance — unfortunately, we seem to be a bit behind on encouraging each other to instead dive into self-study and overall emotional wellness.
I hope these mantras and mindfulness practices encourage you to live consciously and compassionately.

A Mantra of Love.

Mantra: (Repeat internally or out loud when you feel some anxiety bubbling up inside of you — specifically within a relationship, romantic or not.)
I am worthy of beautiful, mutually respectful, supportive, love.
Practice: Every day for a week – write a list of at least 5 things you love about yourself and read it aloud. Don’t just write about the positive things, write about your “flaws”! We all have stuff we want to work on and allowing ourselves the space to be imperfect is the first step. Watch what happens when you commit to really, truly loving yourself.

A Mantra of Guilt.

Mantra: (Repeat whenever you catch yourself with a pit in your stomach and feelings of guilt or shoulda coulda woulda.)
I release the need to be perfect. I am learning.
Practice: Lie on your back, legs extended on the ground. One hand on your heart one on your belly. Take a few minutes (5-10) to breathe and rest. Inhaling for 3, exhale for 3. When you finish, write down a list of things you feel guilty about. Sit with it and reflect. It is one thing to learn from our mistakes, it is another to carry around an unnecessary burden. Free yourself from guilt.

A Mantra to Overcome Fear.

Mantra: (Repeat when you feel fearful or anxious about something not truly dangerous.)
I am safe and supported. In this moment, there is nothing to fear.
Practice: You know the places that scare you… go there! Commit to doing something however big or small that you normally avoid out of fear. Of course, I am not suggesting you put yourself in real danger. I am talking about the fear that holds us back from living fully. For example; make that uncomfortable phone call to a friend or relative and speak your truth, or start a creative project that intimidates you. Get out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself.


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