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Vidya Balan Shared Her Casting Couch Experience!


Vidya Balan is always known for her bindass attitude. She is busy in promoting her upcoming movie 'Tmhari Sullu'. Recently, in an interview to CNN News 18, she shared her casting couch experience. She said," "You can't judge when women should speak about it or why they didn't speak about it earlier. "I come from a privileged background, so I always gave the vibe that I don't need this, I'm only doing this as a passion, I'm very serious about this... But I won't react with people in a way that was personal. Almost err on the side of caution. Maybe it's also a middle-class thing. If you smelt a rat, you'd rather keep away. That was my way of protecting myself.
"But I have heard of people who had been absolutely fine with me, going and threatening, propositioning other women and I would tell some of them you shouldn't keep quiet about it and they would say, 'I don't want to be known for this controversy'. And there's also fear that other producers won't give you work. It seems like if you speak about it, people won't want to work with you.
"I always thought that at that level with that kind of success, female actors in Hollywood would not keep quiet and tolerate sexual harassment. But maybe at that level you have more to lose or as much to lose."


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