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Bigg Boss 11: An Angry Evicted Contestant Mehjabi Siddiqui wants to take revenge on Hina Khan!


Mehjabi Siddiqui, was evicted from the Bigg Boss 11 house last night. It was a surprising double eviction for viewers and for the housemates, as Sabyasachi Satpathy, too, got eliminated. While leaving Mehjabi hugged Hina Khan and left on a cordial note, but her recent interview says otherwise. She is still pretty mad at the actress. 
Mehjabi told the entertainment portal, “I am out of Bigg Boss because of Hina Khan. She spoiled my game completely. I was naive to fall for her tricks and I can’t accept the fact that I am out, while she is still going strong.” She added, “Finally, the audience had started seeing my true self and I am out. I had just now understood the game and was doing well. I wish I can get a chance to go back in the house so that I can take revenge for whatever wrong happened to me. Hina talks about class and mujhe uski aukad dekhani hai (I want to show Hina her class). If I don’t get a chance, I will live with a regret that I missed on this big opportunity.”

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