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Bigg Boss 11: Eliminated Contestant Benafsha Opens Up On Her Relationship With Priyank Sharma!


Yesterday, Benafsha Soonawalla got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Benafsha, who was nominated along with Hina Khan and Sapna Chaudhary, has been evicted. After the eviction, in an interview with an online portal, she opened up on her relationship with Priyank. She said,"With Priyank Sharma, it is pure friendship. I want all the rubbish rumors and ridiculous statements, that people are making, stop right away. I think it is heartless; my hope for humanity has completely vanished. Wait for at least one of us (Priyank or me) to come to you and clarify our ‘relationship with each other’ rather making assumptions and ruining it for us. It was all a joke when I said, “Accept kar le, mujhe pata hai tu mujhse bohot pyar karta hai” (Accept the fact that you love me, I know you do”) It should have been taken in a healthy way than linking us with each other. We were just trying to tease each other and have fun and nothing more than that. But unfortunately, things have been misunderstood.

She also talked about that night when she slept with Priyank. She said,"Of course, I am very close to Priyank but only as a friend. Even when one of us kisses each other on the cheeks or hug each other, it’s just a friendly connection and honestly, we are not attracted to each other. Trust me, whatever people had been talking in the house was utter rubbish. They were saying things like Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla shared a bed, but it wasn’t true. Yes, I did go because Priyank needed a friend and as any good friend, I was just being emotionally supportive. But then, later in the night, I went back to my bed and not spend the entire night sleeping next to Priyank of course. But the way people in the house had put that across and made it seem like something else, it just baffled me and I really did not expect this from them." 

She put all the rumors to rest! 

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