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Brides! Check Out All New Dupatta Draping Ideas For Your Wedding & Pre-Wedding Functions


Dear brides-to-be,
Getting married is not easy, you have so much pressure on you to look good and unique. And bridal dupatta is one aspect that turns your whole look. So, scroll down and check how these stunning brides draper their dupatta. 

#1 Straight Dupatta!
We personally loved this way of carrying a seehda dupatta with a fabric belt. The blue pop color is adding more color to the otherwise grey outfit.

#2 The Maharani Style Dupatta!
If you can carry this stunning style of Maharani style Dupatta, then definitely you must go for this unusual drape. It's simple yet elegant and making the bride look on point.

#3 The bold!
Here is a bold way of carrying a dupatta, by leaving it open. It's a unique plus, a great way to add the touch of boldness to your look and tell the world how confident you are in being a bride.

#4 The simple saree style!
This simple saree style dupatta can never go out of fashion especially when you are the bride. We totally loved the simple saree style and the twirl of the bride.

#5 The twisted dupatta!
Add a twist to your dupatta style, by twisting it in your hand. Although it's an old style, and not many carry it now, but it definitely looks stunning.

#6 Dupatta as a veil!
Here is a stunning dupatta that's worn as a veil, it's looking amazing on the bride. And a completely unique way of draping the two dupattas.

#7 The open dupatta!
This bride wore her dupatta in an open style and took it on the head.

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