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Brides! Here Is Your Guide To Choosing The Right Makeup- HD, Airbrush Or Regular


If you are one of those girls, who hardly know a thing about makeup and it's ABC, then don't worry Team Weddingbytes is here to help you. We know since you are the Bride, there will be floods of suggestion and you will get more and more confused in selecting the right choice. As selecting the right makeup is the most important thing to do. And not only your MUA is responsible for giving you the best, but you too also need to do your homework and know what is right for you and trending. Read on to know what you should select. 

#1 HD Makeup!
To get the flawless makeup that gives you the beautiful super shiny skin, Makeup helps you get it. With the Ultra HD technology comes the HD Make Up. The reason why most of the movie stars plus brides choose it as its lighter in texture and give a smooth finish. It is formulated to look like your second skin and eliminates cakey feel. What makes HD different from regular makeup? The products used in it are the game-changer.

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#2 Airbrush Makeup!
Airbrush is makeup is the lightest of them all. Airbrush makeup is less messy and does not require brushes or sponges as it is done using an airgun for a glow that looks flawless. The foundation that is best matching your skin tone is poured into the small chamber of the airgun and then sprayed evenly on the face. It is perfect for the brides who have oily skin. But the only problem it's that it doesn't last long. So, it might be good for small ceremonies.

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#3 Mineral Makeup!
Yes, there is a thing like that and not many of you know. Mineral Makeup is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is all natural and made up of minerals that are treated and transformed into different shades. Though it is the safest of all, the coverage is not as flawless as airbrush or HD. So, think twice before selecting this one, as it might not be good for your wedding day.

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#4 Regular Makeup
We all know about regular makeup and it's procedure, and most brides chose it as compare to any other. As it provides a variety of colors and textures, it has the easiest application and can be done using fingertips, brushes or a sponge. But if your MUA is not experienced then it might end up caking your face.
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