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Brides-To-Be! Here Are 4 Things You Should Know Before You Go To Chandni Chowk For Bridal Shopping


Before you set your hopes high and head straight to Chandni Chowk is here reality check to it. While everyone swears for the shops of Chandni Chowk to give you the best lehenga within your budget, let us tell you that the case is not like it. The local shopkeepers will force you to stick to red and take the double dupatta even if you don't want to. So, here are things you should know before heading your foot to Chandni Chowk for your bridal lehenga shopping.

#1 Colour!
If you are looking for some pastel color then avoid Chandni Chowk market, as they will force you to choose a red color otherwise according to them you are not ready to become a bride. They will not let you wear anything accept red that too with heavy embroideries and all. So, here is the trick if you need a pastel lehenga, ask them to show a Mehendi lehenga or sangeet lehenga.

#2 Double Dupatta!
If you are short, avoid double dupatta, no matter how much discount the shopkeeper gives you. Only take double dupatta, if your first dupatta is heavy or you need the veil touch to your look.

#3 Beware of Second copy lehengas!
Well, whatever you will see in Chandni Chowk is a copy and you can easily feel the touch of it in the design and fabric. So, beware of Fakes, if a person tells you this is the first copy look closely on the Zari, fabric, and don't pay till you are fully satisfied.

#4 Know all about Velvet Fabric!
Every fabric that looks like a velvet is not a velvet. Yes, these days the market is full of micro-velvet lehenga. And the velvet looks faded, so spend wisely.

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