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Find Out Why Kapil Sharma Is Not Going To Marry Girlfriend Ginni!


The whole Television Industry was happy when Kapil Sharma official announced Ginni Chatrath. They are childhood sweetheart and in an earlier interview, Kapil did confirm of them getting married soon. But looks like it's not going to happen anytime soon, as the comedian in a recent interview with an online portal said otherwise. He was quoted, "See, whatever has happened with me over the last few months, sometimes I doubt myself if I’m responsible enough. Yes, I’m a professional and doing a show but will I be able to manage all of it and marriage too? I keep telling her (Ginni) that see, this is how I am, we work like crazy people when we do. But I also feel that marriage is also in God’s hands. We can keep planning but honi hoti toh sarkar ne 21 saal ki umar rakhi hai, toh tab tak ho chuki hoti. (Laughs). He added, “I feel I need to be more settled before getting married. I don’t think I’m ready for marriage right now."
On the other hand, Kapil’s mother, however, is extremely keen on getting him married to Ginni at the earliest.  As he further added “Honestly, my family and she are more connected. I have stayed in Mumbai only and I go there only once a year on Diwali. So they have a stronger bond. They stay in Amritsar-Jalandhar so she’s extremely close to my mother. Actually, my mom knows more about Ginni than I do Which is why my mom is forcing me to get married to her. She feels I’m mad and Ginni is perfect for me because she can handle that madness."

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