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"I Have Realized That Men Don't Like Headstrong Women" TV Actress Sneha Wagh Opens Up On Her Failed Marriages


TV actress Sneha Wagh is a strong woman. After two failed marriages, her life has been a rollercoaster ride. She walked out of her first marriage after facing domestic violence, her second marriage with businessman Anurag Solanki is also going through a tough phase. The two, who are yet to file for divorce, are staying separately. 

"I wouldn't say that he was a wrong guy, but yes, he was not the right one for me. Also, maybe, I am a headstrong girl. My first marriage failed because of domestic violence. After two failed marriages, I have realized that men don't like headstrong women. I have a soft nature and am also fragile. Even a minor glitch can scar me. Now, I strongly feel that marriage is not meant for me. It is in fact overhyped. In our society, we have this perception that only men can take care of the family, but that is not true. I am confident and capable of taking care of my family."

She also added,"My sister and my parents are my pillars of strength. I would have not have survived this phase without them. Right now, career is my focus. I won't say that love is bitter, but I am definitely not inclined towards it now. I can't comment on whether it'll happen in the future or not."

More power to you girl! 

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