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Ladies! Know How To Make Your Lipstick Last Long & Shiny All Through The Wedding Night


At Weddingbytes you will find from big and important details to the tiniest one to make your dream wedding come true. One of the most important parts that enhance the bride’s beauty and sometimes even ruin the whole look is Lipsticks. Though for wedding day you have your makeup artist who will look for your complete look. But there are many pre-wedding functions and post-wedding dates which you need to attend and look your best with that prettiest smile. For this, you need to get your lipstick game strong, because a smudged lip color can spoil your whole look.
So, we are giving you 5 top tried and tested tips to make your lip color last longer the whole night.

Cheat Tip
There are functions like wedding and mehendi where you can’t keep a purse everywhere you go and sometimes the cousin you gave your makeup essentials to is busy having fun. So, in that case, make sure you get a secret pocket or potli inside your lehenga or kurta. The best part no one will ever know about it and you can easily carry your lip color and any other thing you need. This is a life saver for all the brides-to-be, so remember to tell your tailor to get one.

Take Care of Your Lips
There are times where we often ignore our lips and don’t provide them enough nutrition that’s required. It all results in chapped colorless lips. Avoid it, with caring for your lips with these tips.

1. Apply a thick coat of good lip balm to smoothen your lips. Remember not to apply a lipstick on dry lips as it will make your lips drier with the entire color.
Buy Maybelline Baby Lip Balm with Antioxidant Berry and Mango Pie, Rs. 125
2. To make your lips smooth and naturally pink, go for natural lip exfoliator made at home from coconut oil and brown sugar. Use it twice a week for the better result. You can also buy an exfoliator to keep your lips nourished.
Buy Lush Bubblegum lip Scrub, Rs. 575

Use a Good Foundation on Your LipsYes, you heard it right. Many of us don’t know this cheat trick to make your lip color last longer. While applying foundation on your face, apply a little on your lips too. This tip will surely give you a long-lasting color as the foundation applied to lips makes the lip in even color to make your lipstick color to come. Remember to opt for a waterproof foundation or concealer that stays longer.
Buy: Revlon Photo Ready Concealer available in three shades, Rs 850
Buy Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse Foundation, Rs. 525

Use Lip Liners
Always remember to give an outline to your lips before you jump on applying the lipstick. We know you might think we are talking complete nonsense. It was the 90’s era when lip liners were used, but wrong and absolutely wrong. A lip liner can be used to prevent bleeding lip colors. Also, make sure you choose the right color of lip liner that completely matches your lipstick.
Buy: Lotus Herbal Seduction Lip Contour, Rs. 245

Choose the Right Lipstick
Always choose a good quality branded lipstick which stays for long hours. If you don’t want to re-apply your lipstick time and again, opt for a matte one than glossy. Matte lipsticks last for longer hours and give an even finish to your lips. Make sure you smoother your lips with a lip balm before applying lipstick. Another better way to fill up your lips evenly is applying the lip colour with lip brush. That way you can fill up more spaces. Also, buy a good quality lip sealant to put on top of your lipstick to make it stay longer.
Buy: Clear Lip lock Lipstick Sealer with Brush Applicator, Rs. 1,759

Apply & Re-apply the Foundation
Remember to first dab your lips with foundation, then apply lipstick on it, then again re-apply the foundation on it. Put in your lipstick and apply foundation again to remove excess lipstick. Taddaa, your lips are sealed.

For more tips and tricks for the bride, follow us on Instagram! If you know any tips to make lipstick last longer, do share with us in the comments below.

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