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Bigg Boss 11: Is Arshi Khan Jealous Of Vikas And Shilpa's Friendship?


The drama in the Bigg Boss 11 is increasing day by day. The moment you think that you have had enough of shockers from this controversial show, something really bizarre hits us instantly. The recent BB 11 surprise is about Arshi Khan and her hots for someone in the house. If we believe the reports then Arshi is jealous of Vikas and Shilpa's friendship. Arshi started it by saying that she troubled Vikas Gupta a lot. When Priyank Sharma asked her the reason behind it, she said that she gets jealous when these girls try to be friendly with Vikas. She also pointed out to Priyank how no one stood by Vikas in earlier episodes and how even cried in the loo. She also said that Shilpa and Vikas Gupta have ‘just reconciled’ and are not friends.
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