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Bigg Boss 11: You Will Not Believe What Happened After Vikas Gupta Attacked Akash Inside The Jail!


Bigg Boss 11 is getting uglier day by day. In last night’s episode, we saw how Vikas Gupta broke down after Hina Khan made fun of him. Vikas decided to dress up, but Hina and Akash teased him.  Priyank Sharma and Arshi Khan stood by Vikas. Arshi, Vikas, and Akash were chosen to go to the kaal kothri. Before they entered the jail, Puneesh told Akash to make Arshi’s life a living hell. But he decided to trouble Vikas. Vikas and Akash got into a  physical fight. As we all know that physical violence is not allowed in the house. We know you all are wondering, what was Bigg Boss decision. Well, you will be surprised to know that Bigg Boss reprimanded both Vikas and Akash and warned them too. They both were told that if they repeat something like this again, they will be punished severely.

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