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Brides-To-Be! Save These 3 Earring Hacks For Your Wedding Day


Believe it or not, wedding is one of the most beautiful and stressful days in one's life. You are happy and anxious at the same time. And on top of it getting ready makes the whole thing more stressed. At times your jewellery can really play a toll on you. Like the heavy earrings which you selected in your bridal set, might give you pain or itchy feeling. So, we thought to share our Earrings Hacks that are tried and tested and will never fail you, even after your marriage. So, scroll down and get started. 

#1 Irritated with the Pokey Point of the earring?
If you are irritated with the pokey point of the earring, and it is creating a genuine problem, then just use a clear nail paint on the point, and let it dry. Tadda, it won't poke you now.

#2 Ser it!
If your earrings are too heavy we advise you to wear it with a ser. The ser is a long chain that helps to keep the earring up and it attached to your hair. It creates a stunning look if worn right. 
#3 Numbing Cream!
This will help all the new brides as it will help sooth the pain. Using a numbing cream can really help with the pain, in that it won’t let you feel any! Ask your local chemist for an over the counter numbing cream and don’t forget to pack it!


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