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This Is Why Amazon Kindle Oasis Should Be In Your Bucket List This 2018


I had been an avid reader in my life until I resumed my first job, changed a few to don the hat of an entrepreneur finally. In between growing up and blogging, I realized that I had (almost) stopped reading novels, books; biographies that helped me shape up my thoughts to become who I am today really. So when Amazon India reached out to me to test their all-new launch, the Kindle Oasis- I couldn’t have been more excited. I was keen to try my first ever e-book and experience what’s it like to read on the go. I held the Kindle Oasis in my hands and boy-its an absolute beauty! With a 7 inch, 300 ppi display, it fits snugly into your hands like you are holding a book and makes you experience a world full of stories and words that you’ll love!

There are many reasons to love the Amazon Kindle Oasis, and the first one on my list has to be its ergonomic design. The device sports a thick portion on one side that helps you hold it firmly and then with the screen it tapers into a thin side measuring 3.4 millimeters that ultimately results in balancing the e-book, no matter which hand you’re reading with. Reading on this premium e-book feels as light as paper as the Kindle Oasis is over 20% lighter and 30% thinner on average than any other Kindle.

This Kindle is exclusive in so many ways, for instance- you can physically turn pages using the buttons on the right side or simply tap utilizing the touchscreen option. An accelerometer rotates the page when you switch hands, and the page transitions are the fastest I’ve ever seen on an E Ink display. Whether I am sitting in a Delhi metro or an evening cab, reading on Kindle Oasis is a genuinely immersive experience. The adaptive front light will dim and brighten depending on where you are, which also gets a big thumbs up from me.

 Currently, I am reading YouTuber Lilly Singh’s super fun biography on Kindle Oasis, and I have only charged the device just once. The Amazon Kindle Oasis offers 6-weeks on a single charge, which can help you finish approximately two books. The marquee feature of this year’s Oasis is its water resistance. The Oasis is designed to work after immersion in up to two meters in water for up to an hour so you must co sider carrying it with you to the beach, to the poolside or a Jacuzzi when you are traveling :)

The new Oasis can sync your reading positions across Audible books and ebooks. If you have bought both the ebook and the audiobook you can seamlessly switch between the two by using a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker connected to the Oasis, a feature that’s an absolute winner. You can also choose between two storage options- 8GB and 32GB for your device. The more prominent screen makes reading better and makes for a great indulgence no matter what.

Guys, if you are into books, then you must consider investing in the Amazon Kindle Oasis for it makes you leave the rest of the world behind for a while, to immerse yourself to the story you have tapped on your screen. And just in case you are an Amazon Prime member, then you can read thousands of books for free on this powerful device.

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