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To Lash It Or Not To Lash? Your Wedding Day Dilemma For Using False Eyelashes Solved


Let's accept the fact that there is nothing more beautiful than long dark lashes, after all, it glorifies the bridal makeup. But is it OK to use it on your Wedding Day? Well, this is a question most of the brides-to-be have in their mind. So, Team Weddingbytes from personal experiences truly believes that you must get one if you feel like. But before that let's bust the myths that are mostly associated with the False lashes!

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Myth-1 It will come out mid Wedding!
We know putting a false lash has its own doubt, but if you get a good lash from good makeup artist then they know how to put it on you and it will stay as long as you don't try to take it out from the glue or rub your eyes too hard.

Myth-2 What if it won't stick!
A good makeup salon or artist knows how to make the lashes stick. And they use good quality glue that won't come out. Also, remember to opt for a well-known makeup artist for your special day.

Myth-3 You can't wear it with contact lens!
Well, it's not true. You can easily wear false lashes with your contact lenses. You won't feel discomfort. Just use a high-quality glue and you are good to go.

Conclusion- You should get False lashes, if you feel like!

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