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Veteran Actor Jeetendra's Cousin Accuses Him Of Sexual Assault! Here Are All The Details


#Metoo Campaign has taken Hollywood by storm and the recent slew of accusation of sexual abuse and harassment seems to have hit Bollywood. According to a reports in Outlook,  Jeetendra, whose real name is Ravi Kapoor, has been accused of sexually assaulting his cousin 47 years ago. It was #Metoo campaign who gave her encourage to speak and she also filed an FIR. The incident took place in 1971, when the victim was 18 years old.

As per the FIR,"Later that night, while I was sleeping, the Respondent (Jeetendra) returned to the room. He joined the two beds together while I was still asleep. As I rested on my side, facing the wall, he entered the bed and mounted me from behind with his penis erect. The Respondent smelled strongly of alcohol and was naked from waist down. I tried to push him away, but he continues to stimulate himself, rubbing his erect penis against my clothed buttocks.”
Outlook got hold of the FIR that has been filed against Jeetendra, and published it:

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