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Girls! Trust This Service For All Your Waxing Needs


Shhh! No More!
This is one of those topics that we are all scared to talk about, and not all understand the need for grooming the lady parts. We live in a society that constantly judges us and our choice and hence we are scared to talk about it. So, Team Guiltybytes brings you the ultimate guide to bikini waxing and where to get it done.

Urbanclap Salon Service for the grooming!

If you don't want to go to any salon then you must trust Urbanclap and it's salon service that is hygienic and trained expert comes to your house. They have different packages for every from full body waxing to bikini waxing and they also have RICA Wax service too. 

We love the fact how hygienic and easy waxing has become and with Urbanclap's salon service things have become more simple. 

Pre-Waxing Tips
#1 Trying it for the first time just before your wedding? Not at all guide!Remember if you have never ever waxed down there, make sure you don't experiment just a few days before your wedding day. It's not a good idea, anything can go wrong, as waxing for the first time can leave the area sore and tender. You have to plan things well if you want to get waxed before, make sure you first start it 3 months before the big day. And then follow it up with a couple of sessions.Get the last one 3 days before the wedding. So, that your skin has time to recover.

#2 The length of the hair!This is not the time to shy away before you visit the salon make sure your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long so that it comes out easily (and you save the ouches). And in case you have been shaving for so long, make sure before you hit the salon, let the hair grow.

#3 Stay Clean!We all know how to stay clean, but remember before the appointment make sure you shower, clean the area well. Show some respect to your waxer and also it's a great way to stay away from any infections.

Post Wax Tips
#1 No skinny jeans!Let the area breath, don't jump into your tight-fitted jeans right away. It will cause you irritation and pain. Also, remember to carry a fresh pair of cotton briefs with you, which you can wear right after the wax.

#2 Moisturize it well!We all know how delicate and soft the skin down there is. Make sure you moisturize it well, just after the wax. You can also use aloe vera gel to soothe the area.

#3 No hot showers!Don't jump into hot showers, avoid it at least for 3-4 days after the wax. Also, remember not to use soap or shower gel for at least 24 hours.

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