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"I Have Done It And I Am Proud Of It" Dipika Kakar Opens Up On Converting Islam!


Small screen actors Dipika and Shoaib recently got hitched in a private ceremony in Bhopal. Their wedding was super fun. In an exclusive interview to TOI Shoaib and Dipika opened up on their marriqgr and said," I can't put the feelings in words. I have noticed the change from the day I have got married. I initially though it's ok Shoaib and I have been in a relationship for so long, but no things have changed. May be the way I look at him, the respect towards him has grown. It's a priceless feeling,"

"Joh sach hai woh hai... It's true I have done it, but why and when I have done it, don't think it needs to be talked about. I think it is a very personal matter and I don't think I need to talk about it openly in front of the media. For the audience and media we are actors have always shared everything. All our happy moments we have shared with you all, but this I think is a very personal space and I don't give anyone the permission to enter the space. Definitely, it is true and I am not denying it. I am very happy and proud that I have done it for myself and my happiness. My family was with me in this decision and my intentions were to hurt anyone. This is my decision."

"I feel that when you are a celebrity you are constantly under scanner and there are people who love you, but then there are also people who try to bring you down. We have always taken decisions in life only keeping our family in mind, if they are happy and fine then rest of the world doesn't matter to us. I don't consider myself a celebrity, we are very simple people and we like to lead a simple life".

We wish you all the best for your married life!

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