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Post Sridevi’s Demise, Arjun And Anshula To Move In With Janhvi And Khushi Kapoor?


Since the untimely demise of legendary actress Sridevi on February 24, the Kapoor family has been standing strong alongside each other through the tragedy. Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor stood rock solid with their father Boney Kapoor and stepsisters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor in their trying times. Now, according to the reports Arjun might move in with Boney, Janhvi, and Khushi Kapoor. Arjun and Anshula who have always maintained a cordial relationship with their stepmother Sridevi, have lived on their own terms even after their mother Mona Kapoor passed away in 2012.
According to Deccan Chronicle sources,"So far, Arjun and his sister Anshula Kapoor have led pretty much independent lives, away from their father’s family. But now Arjun feels his father and his stepsisters — Janhvi and Khushi — need him. He has begun to feel as protective towards his stepsister as he does towards his own sister Anshula.”

We must say that this is the best decision!

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  2. La vie est un travail constant, et seul celui qui la considère de ce point de vue la comprend de manière tout à fait humaine. C'est l'essence même des films.