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Sunil Grover Opens Up About His Fight On Twitter With Kapil Sharma!


We all loved The Kapil Sharma Show. Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma's comic timing were superb. They rose to fame instantly with the weekend comedy show. However, after two successful years, the duo parted ways. After an in-flight argument between Kapil and Sunil from Australia to India led to the show's untimely end. Recently also they had a war of words on Twitter. After their fallout on Twitter Sunil spoke to leading daily and said,"I am not hurt. I know he called me a liar and also said Pehle hassa ke dikha logon ko... I am worried about Kapil’s health. Just look at the time of the tweets. How can I be hurt? I just pray to god that Kapil stays healthy and takes care of himself."
He further added,“We both are mature people and have even met after the incident last year. There are many things that happened between the two of us since then, and I don’t think I should talk about it. I don’t want to do mud-slinging. I worked with him on two great shows though it was for a temporary period. I will be always thankful.”

We hope they sort out their differences soon!

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