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Comedian Sidharth Sagar Opens Up About Being Harassed By Family


Comedian Sidharth Sagar who played ‘selfie mausi‘ in The Kapil Sharma Show gave his fans quite a scare when he was reported as having been missing for 4 months. The news came out when a friend of his wrote a post on Facebook stating that he had been missing since November of last year. Then Sidharth took to Instagram and shared a video of himself. He had been mentally harassed by his family for a long time.
Sidharth called a press conference on Sunday and he opened up on everything that had happened to him in the last few months.

He said,“I started feeling really low and I had put on weight. Soon I realised, I was depressed. My speech slurred and I was in a bad zone. When I told my parents about it, they said that they have put me on medicines for bipolar disease. I was shell-shocked when I heard it. I know about bipolar and I didn't have any of the symptoms and here my parents were giving me drugs by mixing it in my food."

"Four-five people used to bash me and I would bleed and lose conscience. I was shattered completely. Somehow, I managed to connect with my managers who pulled me out from there after a month."

This is shocking! 

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