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Here’s Why The Orient Air Cooler Can Be Your Smart buy This Summer Season!


Here’s Why The Orient Air Cooler Can Be Your Smart buy This Summer Season!

I love Delhi during winters and while I do enjoy doing a lot more fashion during the summer season, the heat however can become a bit unbareable not just outdoors but inside the house as well. Switching on your Air Conditioner may be your option but it does cause respiratory infections and skin problems that cant be ignored. The unclean filters of the air conditioner gives rise to the dust mites and baceria that may lead to asthama- the reason why I am sharing this with you is because its time that you move on from the air conditioner and switch to for Orient Electric’s range of air coolers which caters to diverse needs and spaces.

The Orient Electric’s range of coolers fetaure simple air cooling process which is no less effective than modern refrigerated air-conditioning technologies. These have been intensively tested internally and certified by external labs to meet the highest quality standards in order to give you best cooling experience. One of the key features that the Orient coolers enjoy is that it possesses AeroFan technology. So basically you get high angled aerodynamic profiled blades) that ensure longest air delivery with low operating noise. And incase you worry about the overall cooling then you must know that they are also equipped with Honeycomb Cooling pads with DENSENEST feature that retains 45% more water that translates to 25% better cooling.

I am sure a lot of you would have at some point of time in life used the traditional coolers to combat dry summers- then you would be aware on the overall time that it took to cool down a space. Orient has addressed this problem and has built their coolers with advanced distribution system. The 60 hole water system allows effective soaking of cooling pads in short time thus leading to quick cooling effect.
One of the reasons why I personally prefer the Orient coolers to the air conditioner is because it’s eco friendly and assures consumption of less energy without compromising on the cooling efficiency.  I can’t stress enough on making a switch to the Orient coolers due to the growing health issues and airborne diseases during summers. Because fungi and bacteria thrive in the inaccessible nooks and corners inside the water tank of a cooler, which ultimately become a health hazard, when the same air is circulated back in the room. To tackle this problem a unique antibacterial compound is mixed with the tank resin that protects it from any bacteria formation on the water surface. These coolers also use a carbon dust filter that uses activated carbon to remove air containments and impurities giving you fresh air.

And just incase you are thinking about the mosquitoe breeding that takes places in a conventional cooler then fret not since the Orient coolers use a solution which when mixed with water prevents the mosquito breeding and thus averts the risk of disease transmission due to coolers.

One of the major reasons why people don’t prefer buying air coolers is because they take up space and don’t go well with the aesthetics of the room. For someone like me who is so upbeat about home décor, the Orient coolers really do fit in the modern spaces! Its neatly crafted design elements sets it apart from the competition with wide variety of colors giving it a unique identity. I also love their specially designed PCB panel and knobs that render the cooler a futuristic look.

Guys, its time to explore the next-generation air coolers! Orient Electrics not only boasts of great product innovations but is also very well known for their prompt service support. Get more deatails on the new range of air coolers here and don’t forget to #Switch2smart this summers.

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