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This MILK-BATH Maternity Shoot Comes With Breathtaking Visuals!!


It’s a indeed a very beautiful feeling for a woman to become a mother and nurture a new life. While maternity shoots are on a rise in India, there are a very few Indian maternity shoot photogtaphers that could think out of the box and cast their mom-to-be clients in a very unusual idea. Meet Megha Jain, the founder of Sunflare art house by Megha who also happens to be a part of #teamguiltybytes. This Delhi based photogtapher presented a love story like no other- a story where every new mother’s love for her yet-to-be born child can be felt through photographs. Oh and did we tell you, that the Mommie to be is the ultimate queen in this shoot.
While there are many lifestyle photographers who specialize in this skill, we have our own personal favourite Delhi-based Lifestyle photographer Megha Jain who loves spreading smiles with her clicks. Pregnancy is an unforgettable period — and more couples are realizing that photographs are a good way to freeze memories for a lifetime.

Recently, Megha did a stunning photo shoot with milk-bath that has never been done in India before for soon-to-be-new-parents Richa and Manik. She says, "Some projects are so special that you wait for years to incorporate that with super special people! I have been seeing milk bath maternity- photoshoot photos floating all over Pinterest and needless to say, I just had to do one of my very own." And the result is definitely breathtaking. 

We love the floral wreaths especially curated for the shoot by ARTiara and the white sheer gown. Scroll down to see the stunning shoot!g

You can  book maternity shoot with Sunflare Art House Here!

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