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In Review: Amuse House Cafe, Ansal Plaza - The Foodie Paradise


Hi guys we are back with a yet another delectable and fun food review. Since you guys know that its me, Divya from Team Guiltybytes who does food reviews but this time Miss Guiltybytes herself accompanied me for the review of Amuse Cafe , Khel Gaon, Ansal Plaza and that turned out to be the best decision ever! 

This food review is really special as our taste buds were tantalised with finger licking food. They say you eat with your eyes first and then with mouth and Amuse cafe has rightly shown that through its food. Amuse House Bistro is a mix of East European and Mediterranean flavours that offers mouthwatering dishes in a nouville fashion. 
As we entered the cafe the European vibe was very evident from the simple yet elegant decor of Blue walls with the classy Chandelier along with soothing music and it very perfectly set the mood. We made ourselves comfortable and their very courteous staff brought the menu which then took us to the much awaited and fascinating food journey !

The Bread basket along with in-house different flavoured butters sets the tone for the ride ahead.

We ordered a couple of drinks from their mocktail menu which were Orange & Elderflower Spritzer and Jalapeno Watermelon. We have to admit that we were just floored with the burst flavors it had to offer. My favourite was the Orange and Elderflower spritzer. One sip of the drink and it instantly took me back to my childhood holi celebrations. Why Holi you ask? It's fragrance and taste reminds of the Holi colors that we used to play with. It was kike HOLI in my mouth! If you know what I mean! 
The Jalapeno and Watermelon drink had a nice kick to it! It was yet another enjoyable drink. We also had Fresh juices from theri menu and really like the Green Machine which was made out of Cucumber, Celery, Ginger, Honey and lime finished with Black salt. It indeed was very refreshing. I also tried a Pina Colada nothing new but its my go to drink these days and it too was made perfectly!

The First dish itself blew us away! The Manchego and Sweet corn stuffed chillies with spring onion and chipotle aioli. This superbly colorful and Vibrant looking dish is a successful contrast between Tangy & Sweet with contrasting textures. It payed utmost respect to the mexican chillies and we couldn't have asked for more.

We also had the Artichoke and Potato ragout bruschetta with shaved parmesan. This dish was fine , didn't really wow us like the others. 

The Chickpea and mint Falafel , mint yogurt and chive dressing was another mouth watering mediterranean delicacy which didn't disappoint at all.

Moving on to the Non vegetarian - We had the aioli. Seafood Bunuelos fresh Green apple plum salsa and horseradish aioli. Deep fried and Seafood match made in heaven we say!There nothing to dislike about this dish it was scrumptious and yummy. 

We also had the Chicken Liver pate, chicken terrine and poached hen egg another classic and yummy dish.Try this if you have the palate for cold minced liver pate. 

Next we had the Pork belly with parsnip cream, pickled pear, prune puree and crisp. Just a spoonful of tender Pork belly with parsnip cream and prune puree was enough to send my palette tingling. If you love Pork this one is a must have! 

Lastly we had the Crispy chicken bourak with onions, cheese, parsley and a hint of cinnamon. It’s served with a side salad and is a fantastic filo-pastry with perfect hint of cinnamon in it. 

We had the most gorgeous dish which was like a painting hung at a gallery it was from their Light and Crisp - The Grilled Goat's Cheese, beetroots and Burnt Orange. We had never seen anything that looks this beautiful and delicate. I personally recommend this dish more for treat to the eyes than the palette especially if you are craving cheese. The taste stays with you even after you have finished the plate.

It was time for the main course and after the commendable starter show, we waited in anticipation for the next course to arrive. We had little clue of the myriad of flavors that were in store for us in the main course.
Main Course
From their signature dishes we tried the Classic Roast Chicken with Rosemary Baby Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables served with Chicken Au Jus - This dish had us craving for more. Juicy succulent chicken full of robust flavours and one of our favourites. We just couldn't stop at one bite! If you are really hungry and don't wish to order starters just go for this one its worth every penny , flavoursome and filling. 

Once we had the Roast chicken we didn't really think there would be another dish as close to being perfect but we were so wrong!Next we had the "most amazing" Lamb chops in the entire world. The dish is called Grilled Lamb chops with spiced gremolata , served with aubergine dip. It is a nuance of flavour unlike any other. These guys at Amuse house import their lambs from Australia and rightly so the quality is visible in every mouthful.

Next we had the Herb Crusted Grilled Chicken Breast served with Salsa Verde and Brussels Sprouts - Without question, this is some of the best herb crusted chicken in Ansal Plaza. The perfect mix of super crusted skin with perfectly juicy meat. 

Then came the Crispy Filo Pastry filled with minced lamb meat served with creamy yogurt- garlic dip. quite similar to the chicken counterpart we had in the starters. It is a fantastic filo-pastry that you can’t really go wrong ordering with. This meat melts in your mouth and the accompaniment of creamy garlic yoghurt just takes it up that notch. Our taste buds were now dancing in tizzy and we were in seventh heaven already!

We ended out of European & Mediterranean Food exploration with the Amuse House #MedBox - consisting of Pistachio baklava, Basbousa, Blah al sham and Finger zainab.It completed our Mediterranean journey superbly. and we also tried but couldn't finish the desert Chocolate with peanut butter.It was decadent and very heavy. 

Amuse House cafe also serves a variety of Pastas and Thin crust Pizzas which we shall try next time. They get most of their ingredients imported and have kept each dish as authentic as possible. Their menu caters to vegetarian crowd as well since they understand the growing demand of Green eaters. For now we are totally under the spell cast by the Gorgeous looking and equally delightfully tasting food menu curated by Chef Bharti. This place offers Comfort food with nuance vibe and laid back feel and is the perfect to treat your taste buds or to get away from the busy and hectic life of Delhi. The good food and the stylish d├ęcor promises to find favour with Delhi’s gourmands as well. Go try it , we TOTALLY recommend it!

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