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10 Times Birthday Boy Ranveer Singh Proved He Is The King Of Fashion!


If you think colours, prints, and fashion are just for girls, then here is the original Peter Pan of Bollywood proving you wrong. Yes, birthday boy Ranveer Singh's outrageous fashion choices always turn into a headline. He is a dream come true for all the designers with a sense of fashion. 

From dhotis to onesies to styling print on print, Ranveer had aced it all and set a high fashion bar for others to follow. So, on his birthday, we thought of doing a round-up of his best fashion looks that no one-no one can style efficiently (Yes, we said it & You will also agree once you scroll down)!

#1 Who said pinks are for only girls, Ranveer channelizes his colour game and made the pink look so sexy on him with a pop of red polka dot shirt. Don't forget to notice the red-rimmed glasses and a pair of red kicks. 

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#2 Only Ranveer can carry this Bollywood inspired suit with so much panache. The actor looked amazing and so flamboyant wearing it.
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#3 For the Jio Filmfare awards, Ranveer donned a zebra print and looked ahh-mazing.

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#4 Ranveer made everyone gasp for breath with his purple velvet suit and badass attitude!

#5 Another day another look, Ranveer is a Nickelodeon fan and it was clearly shown in his checkered print designer suit!

#6 There was a time when Ranveer actually wore a skirt (or klit) and took everyone's attention!

#7 Sequins and glitter is for everyone and Ranveer's pink sequined bomber jacket from designer Manish Malhotra justifies it!

#8 Ranveer yet again proved he is the king of fashion when he styled a sherwani as a jacket and made a basic white attire stand out.

#9 In style & in trend with a lilac suit!

#10 The final look and one of our favourite, when Ranveer showed his inner kid to the world in cutesy pyjamas Tom slippers.

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