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7 Things I Learnt In 2018 That I am Thankful For!


Each year, I am always thinking about the kind of post that I want to draft and share amidst all the highs and lows as we approach the new year. 2018 was a year of retrospection, a year to take it slow, a year to re-set new goals and ambitions in life, a year to look after my pending health issues and finally, a year to be a better (Family) person. I know that the last part of my sentence can sound a bit confusing, but in reality, this was one area I struggled to cope up with the most. Whether it was making time to call up my parents in my very busy life or speaking to my childhood bestie (which wasn't more than 8-10 odd times this year) or taking up 'at home' responsibilities a lot more seriously. I intended to be a better person, making time to do things at home with a lot more passion indulge in forgotten hobbies, doing daily yet understated routines better and making time for exercising at least 3-4 times in a week without fail. Blogging as an industry, as a business has changed completely in 2018 and even though I am one of the first gen bloggers, I find it quite difficult to cope up with the virtual life with all the craziness that I have in my real life. If you have read my post on how to make money by blogging in India, or how much money I earn by blogging then you'll know that in today's age time, personal development is being compromised to live an 'Instagram' perfect life and I am guilty of doing the same. Having said that, if you are a married (to someone who doesn't even close to your profession), have things-to-do (home edition and not personal skincare list), have compromised your health to some extent or have wandered aimlessly on your mobile apps (for hours) this year, then this the post for you!

1. Keep NO excuses to spend time with family, your parents or chilling with your siblings. Call and let people know that you miss being with them even if you are a part of 100 WhatsApp family groups, chat groups or more. 

Note to self: Begin to remember birthdays and make sure to call everyone I can in 2019.

2. Making to-do daily household chores lists is just as important as making office task lists. A shower knob may need repair, your ceiling fans may need cleaning, a long pending almirah needs a wardrobe refresh and sorting out, a broken bathroom mug needs to be thrown out, a toothbrush holder may need a wash and an RO water purifier may just need candle replacement or servicing  et al. Begin to do daily- not-so-glorified chores with great passion and find happiness in fixing things up offline

Note to self: Work on daily spend/budget lists in 2019 for a bigger saving plan

3. Read, Play, Paint, Dance, Cycle, Join a baking short course, learn the art of making chocolates, pick up continental food classes or teach. Pursue hobbies that have been buried deep down inside a grave ever since you picked up your job. 

Note to self: Finish reading Harry Potter Series in Jan-Feb 2019. I already feel judged to share this- but I haven't read any book after the first one and only saw films, the Harry Potter studio in London to know things in details. 

4. Don't travel for Instagram perfect photos. It's important to travel, live your experience, learn about a place you visit and still not have perfect Instagram photos. The business of 'influencing' is only effective when your experiences make people opt for that very thing that you used or endorsed. Branded travels are a different game altogether but when you are traveling with family or your loved ones on a non-sponsored journey than try not to fall for perfect photos. It will save you time and help you see places from a different perspective. I made it a point to share a few peels of all the travels I undertook in the second half of the year and it just made me happier!

Note to self: keep continuing with posting-less-photos-while-traveling to make most of a trip!

5. It's OKAY to change your goals and ambitions in life as you grow old. There's no harm in developing an idea with utmost passion while you are continuing with your present journey. For bloggers, Goals, ambitions will change and Moreover, the lives of your readers will also change. Ambitious people are goal oriented and are always striving towards the next milestone. Don't feel too bad if your current project doesn't excite you anymore- you can always change your job, your work profile, your travel plans, your business ideas, your content feed on Instagram et al. Your ambitions also control your quality vs quantity parameter- For say, I don't believe in anyone on social media who gets excited about EVERY new product launch in the market and then goes all ga-ga about it on their social media, this is also a reason why you'll notice me cutting down on so many product collabs  from same product category on my blog. For a long time I resisted this change but after 7 years of blogging, and many small projects in between- here I am with A label that I have co-created with my most passionate team to bring to you guys wedding basics and ethnic Indian wear at great price points!

Note to self: Master the art of balancing between projects and go all out with weddingbytes in 2019.

6. Avoid the trap of comparing yourself to others. I have been guilty of doing this and have felt disappointed at times on not working with some brands or how some influencers were getting to do so much whereas I was struggling with time...Over the due course I have come to terms with the fact that you should measure your success with how much you are able to stretch yourself, cross your own limits. Setting goals and working towards them with passion and focus will help you achieve everything and at the same time appreciate other's success genuinely.

Note to self: Get inspired by other people's fire but always remember to set your limit in 2019

7. Practice manifestation for positive thoughts will attract positive outcomes. I am pretty new at this but my mom's surgery post-Diwali this year and a few other life touching incidents have assured my faith in the power of manifestation. You can begin with a gratitude journal or meditate your desires or begin with simply visualizing what and how the outcome will make you feel like to attract all positive vibrations. This is science and if you find doing this tough then believe in the powers of prayers and pray atleast once in 24 hours. You can learn more about manifestation here.

Note to self: Do Not Question the Universe Too Much.

My finale outfit post had to be a saree and this entire look is from my label weddingbytes. The hair and makeup have been done by my talented MUA, Shilpi. The stunning photos have been taken by Dulhan herself, Megha. Also, a big shoutout to Doubletree by Hilton, Gurgaon for helping us with the most pleasing locations. 

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